Mt Pleasant Kennel Cat Acne

If you thought that you had the worst of it when you got a rash of acne at 16, you’ll certainly understand how your cute little Mt Pleasant kennel cat might feel. Except of course, your cat won’t have his friends making fun of him (hopefully). Cat acne around the Mount Pleasant, SC area comes up in cats for different reasons.¬† No matter what causes it, it almost always appears as bumps around the mouth or the chin. It is a good thing that acne in cat isn’t usually painful or anything, and that there are lots of simple home remedies that you could tap to help your little furry friend. More info at:

What does cat acne actually look like? Usually, you’ll notice what looks like whiteheads or delicate-looking pimples around the lower part of your cat’s face. The worse the attack is, the more pimples you’ll see. Sometimes, in a severe attack of acne, your cat’s pimples may begin to ooze, swell, or crust over. The worst part of it is, that your cat will begin to scratch itself around those pimples, and get it all raw and prone to infection. In such a case, you’ll probably need to seek help from the veterinarian for quick relief. You don’t want to wait for slow home remedies to work when your cat’s problem seems to be a bit severe. Also, to the lay pet owner, there is no real way to tell acne apart from an infection or a rash. Before you actually apply any of these home remedies below, you’ll probably want to take your cat to the veterinarian¬† for a positive diagnosis.

So how you take care of cat acne at home? To begin with, just as with people, you want to make sure that your Mt Pleasant cat’s face is all clean. Once a day, make sure that you wipe your cat’s face down with a clean washcloth dipped in warm water. A clean face helps with a cat acne breakout. If you want to use soap washing the cat’s face, make sure that you use pet-safe soap that you can get with your veterinarian. While you wash your cat’s face, holding a warm towel to the critter’s face for a while helps unclog itspores. It helps the skin lose its bacteria a bit more efficiently.

Sometimes, cats in the Mount Pleasant, SC area get their attack of acne through unclean food- or water-bowls. You need to be sure that your cat’s dishes are completely and thoroughly washed with soap and water everyday. And while you’re at it, be sure to get china or metal cat dishes. They are far better staying bacteria-free than plastic is. And finally, you don’t want to be using your own acne cream to help your cat. Cats have smaller and more delicate bodies. Human-strength medicines simply won’t be safe for such a little animal. And whatever you do, make sure you don’t squeeze any pimple. It will only drive the infection in deeper.