Kennel Advice of Puppies Eating Poop

Why do puppies eat their poop? What should I do?

Dog Boarding Kennel

Dog Boarding Kennel

Sometimes, our little cute pets do things that are so unmentionable, that we would rather pretend the problem didn’t exist. We see it all the time at the Mt Pleasant dog boarding kennel and have heard about it from But what on earth do you do when you go to the pet store and you’re confronted with a bag of new puppy treats that are guaranteed to make your puppy training sessions a lot easier because they are designed to taste and smell like something your puppy will find irresistible – poop? It can be hard to ignore this side to your little puppy’s behavior when it’s obviously well-recognized and even encouraged by the pet products makers. As unpleasant as it is though, puppies eating their poop is just routine animal behavior. There are lots of other animals to do the same thing – horses, birds and cats, for instance. Let us try to get a little bit of a handle on the subject.

It is conjectured by scientists that dogs were never “domesticated“  like horses or cows were. Dogs are wolves that evolved specifically to give up the wild and live around people for the scavenging and begging opportunities inevitably to be found around human habitations. And guess what source of nutrition it has historically been easiest for them to find? Dogs have evolved to be able to take advantage of the nutritional value that poop – their own or that of their human masters – could present. And here we are, shopping at the premium section at the pet supplies stores, for premium chicken dinners and great recipes made out of brown rice, duck liver and cottage cheese.

While puppies eating their poop can seem disgusting enough, they often go and specifically look for the excrement other animals – humans included. Cat excrement, for instance, has a lot of protein and fat content that could attract dogs and puppies. But sometimes, puppies eating their poop can be a sign of illness.  Diseases such as malabsorption syndrome affect many dogs. This is a disease where the dog’s digestive system is unable to absorb all the nutrition in any food eaten. Dogs may try to recover any wasted nutrition in their poop by trying to give the same food a second go. There are some research reports that suggest that dogs do this when they have nutritional problems in general. If you could get more nutritious pet food, this might stop.

Often it can just be possible to get your puppy to behave by making access to poop difficult like Pet keepers kennel does. You can make sure that you clean anything left over in your garden as soon as it gets there. You can also keep litter boxes out of reach. The bottom line is, that if you do enough things to discourage your puppy right at the start, it won’t develop into a lifelong habit.