Choosing a Cat Breed

If you have decided to get a cat for the family pet, then there are several considerations that should go into selecting which one to own. You want to make sure that when choosing a cat breed to get the best breed for you and your family. Whether you go with a mixed breed that you can get quite easily, or the pure bred that you need to buy at a specific breeder, there are questions you need to ask yourself.

First before getting any cat make sure you are prepared to deal with the litter box. This will have to be cleaned and the litter changed on a regular basis. It is a task that is not always enjoyable for people. So understand this about the task before deciding on a cat.

Now do you want a cat that is easy to groom or do you have the time to groom the more high maintenance breeds. Short-hair breeds are much lower maintenance grooming wise than the longer-hair varieties are. Also shedding on the furniture will be a bit less with the short-haired cats.

Another consideration when choosing a cat breed is whether you want a kitten to raise and litter train, or whether you would rather start off with an adult cat. You can get many adult cats through shelters. People have to get rid of cats for various reasons and you could give one of these cats a good home.

Kittens can be bought a variety of ways some good and some not so good. Pet shops are not always recommended these days, because some can buy their animals through breeders who are less than reputable. This means you could be buying a very unhealthy cat if you aren’t careful. If you are searching a cat that is a pure bred then look for a breeder with a good background. Make sure this breeder can tell you the heritage of the kitten you are interested in. This will tell you what personality and health you can expect from the kitten.

If you know someone whose cats just had kittens than you need to know the health history of their cat. Kittens are oh so cute that it is easy to say you will take one, and forget about the problems you may have if the cat has poor health who had the kittens. Also do they know who the father is, is another question to ask.

Animal shelters and some veterinary clinics also have kittens along with adult cats. It will be harder to know the background of these kittens and cats, but you could be saving their lives by adopting them. Many of these are left every year at shelters so you may find quite a few to choose from.

You also may want to consider personality while choosing a cat breed. Do you want a breed known for being outgoing, or is a more docile cat more your style. Even if you get a mixed , and know their mix you can look into the various breeds, to know what the personality is going to be like. The Cat Fancier’s Association offers descriptions on breed on their website. Through this you can choose which breed suits your needs the best.

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