Cat Scratching Posts in Mount Pleasant

If you’ve ever lived with Mt Pleasant, SC cats, then you’re very familiar with how much they like to scratch. Unfortunately, our beds, sofas and leather chairs can become victims to this instinctive predilection. As much as we love our cats, we do love our furniture too and would like to see it last at least a couple of years. Furniture can be quite expensive to replace, and it can really bring down the house in a bad way if it looks worn out and shabby. So what kind of solution can we work out so that we, our cats and our furniture can coexist in harmony?

cat scratching post

cat scratching post

The answer is to get the cats in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina some furniture of their own. A cat scratching post is a great way to allow our cats to indulge their need to scratch, but in a more positive way through which our furniture doesn’t have to suffer. A good cat scratching post will take the brunt of the damage and provide cats with substantial stimulation and entertainment. Once you successfully get them onto the scratching post, your cats are bound to get bored with the boring old sofa and thankfully leave it alone.

Shopping for a new cat scratching post can be just as elaborate as shopping for a new furniture piece for yourself. There is a huge variety of scratching posts out there in terms of shape, size, material, cost, aesthetics and special features. Many cat scratching posts for our Mt Pleasant feline friends consist of a platform they stand on, and the cat is meant to sit on the platform and scratch the post. Others are very tall and curved, designed so that the cat can stretch its body and extend its claws to the fullest. Some are simply made of wood that will help file down the cat’s claws, while other are covered with carpet for a more comfortable, cushy feel. Others have extra toys hanging off of them that cats can play around with as they scratch. Out of all of these selections, you are bound to find a scratching post that your cats will be satisfied with.

When you bring your new cat scratching post home, don’t be discouraged if your cats don’t warm up to it immediately. Cats by nature are wary of changes in their environment, so they may take their time in approaching their new furniture. You may sprinkle some catnip on the post to encourage your cats to scratch on it. Give it some time and your cats will grow to love their new scratching target, and you and your furniture will finally be able to have some relief.